Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen
Jane White Pit Fired Ceramics

My hand built and burnished ceramics derive their colours and patterns from firing with organic material in a large open pit, and each piece that emerges from the ashes is totally unique. 

I am inspired and intrigued by the fact that the beauty of nature itself seems to have been encapsulated into the work when the elements interact, consequently I am constantly striving to create forms that mirror the simplicity and balance evident all around us in the natural world, so that surface and form become seamlessly unified, as in nature.

In my life I enjoy taking risks, going on long journeys of discovery, and travelling to places where few people venture. By working in this way I am able to find the same challenges and adventure in my creative life, and I hope that my work conveys and retains the excitement and enthusiasm I feel when I am making it.

Fellow of The Society of Designer Craftsmen